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As the Shih tzu is partly defined by its brachycephalic head shape - all Shih tzus are affected by the inherited defect which causes brachycephaly. Most brachycephalic animals have some degree of BAOS (Brown & Gregory 2005), so it is difficult to identify a puppy that will be free of this condition This is the term given to brachycephalic breeds such as the Shih Tzu that have breathing issues related to their body structure. It is a general term that includes at least one of the 4 health issues of stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, collapsed larynx (voice box) and trachea issues (abnormally small or collapsed trachea) Brachycephaly is the term used to describe animals that have greatly shortened upper jaws and noses. Decreased depth of the orbits (the bony eye sockets) is also common. Of the dog breeds, the Shih tzu is one that has an extreme brachycephalic head shape, with large, prominent eyes and lack of muzzle

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Shih Tzu dogs are considered brachycephalic breeds which means that they have short noses and flat faces. Because of this, they are very prone to having issues with their breathing. Even though this is common to this type of breed, any type of breathing issues is not something that you should just brush off ASTC Response to Dutch Kennel Club Brachycephalic Rules The American Shih Tzu Club would like to express its concerns about and opposition to the breeding and registration changes adopted by the Dutch Government and the Dutch Kennel Club (Raad van Beheer) that recklessly target brachycephalic breeds, including Shih Tzu, in the Netherlands

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  1. The term, brachycephalic syndrome in dogs, is not a disease per se, but a set of characteristics that can cause breathing problems that range from slight to severe and life-threatening. But who is affected? Any dog with a short nose is considered to be a brachycephalic dog
  2. Shih Tzu dental health problems. Brachycephalic dogs are prone to some dental problems, mainly small mouth-related issues and underbite. Small mouth . Because Shih Tzu and other brachycephalic dogs have small mouths, their teeth tend to be crowded. This results in crooked teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss
  3. Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic breed. You need to protect them from heat stress in the summer and hypothermia in the winter. Clean and fresh water should be made available to your Shih Tzu at all times. Be aware of what you're giving to your dog
  4. Many Shih Tzu owners have heard their dog snorting, snoring, and breathing noisily. It's a phenomenon that's not limited to Shih Tzus though. This is something that's a regular occurrence with brachycephalic breeds like Shih Tzus, including Pugs and Boston Terriers
  5. The Brachycephalic airway syndrome is not unique to Shih Tzu dogs but does take its toll. It is not a disease per se but rather a combination of anatomical abnormalities that reduce optimal airflow. The best way to assure healthy puppies is to pick healthy breeding dogs that have decent size nares (nasal openings), slightly longer noses, and.

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  1. As you already know, Shih Tzus have a unique head that is flat and broad. This type of crown is known as Brachycephalic. Coincidentally, it is this unique head shape that attracts most people to the breed. Unfortunately, this attractive feature of its head and face is what makes it so susceptible to heatstroke as well as breathing issues
  2. Brachycephalic breeds (Shih Tzu, boxer English and French Bulldog, Pekingese, pug and Boston terrier) have a shortened skull compared to the other breeds. Compression of the nasal passage and distortion of the pharyngeal tissue result in an increase in airway resistance
  3. Shih Tzu is a dog breed with luscious flowing locks, and many people are so distracted by the breed's impressive coat and fail to notice that this too is a flat-faced dog breed. The Shih Tzu's coat most certainly requires a lot more attention than most dog breeds

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  1. Unfortunately this particular breed is prone to brachycephalic airway syndrome - and in fact, some puppies are simply born with it. This basically means that they have breathing issues which are primarily related to their general body structure and can include at least one of four main issues
  2. Brachycephalic - it's fancy for 'short faced' if you own a Bulldog (French, Aussie or English), Pug, Boston, Boxer, Pekingese or Shih Tzu, this is a word you need to know These breeds are all brachycephalic - they have been bred to have a normal sized lower jaw and a short (compressed) upper jaw
  3. Just be prepared for some snorting and snoring; the Shih Tzu is considered a brachycephalic breed because of its head shape and short, smooshed face. Overall, most owners of the breed will tell you that the Shih Tzu is truly a lovable dog breed
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1. Brachycephalic airway syndrome. This is a general term prescribed for Shih Tzu's that is designated for breathing health problems. It includes diseases like Stenotic Nares, collapsed voice box, problems with the trachea, an elongated soft palate and so on. It can even join forces and affect your pet to cause breathing problems that can. Shih Tzu; Please note that there are many more breeds that are snub-nosed. Many Airlines Have Stopped Flying Snub-nosed Dogs. In order to minimize the risks involved in flying brachycephalic dogs, airlines usually require a flight crate that is at least 10 cm larger than the dog Shih Tzu are classified in the toy group in most countries, with a height of eight to 11 inches and weight of nine to 16 pounds (four to seven kilograms). As with most toy breeds, shih tzu are quick to mature, reaching adult size by about 10 months. The shih tzu is often slightly longer than tall, with a sturdy body and a good-sized head Capping the top 20, the shih tzu is almost sure to stake claim to your lap—in fact, this centuries-old Chinese breed once graced the laps of ancient Chinese royalty. They may hvae gotten their start hundreds of years ago, but they've continued to be constantly-close-by companions to their owners ever since

Homepage > Breeds > Shih Tzu; Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus are totally people orientated. They are great with children and love human company. Shih Tzus are often mistaken for Lhasa Apsos however, the Shih Tzu tends to have a shorter muzzle and wider head - a brachycephalic trait, probably from their original breeding with the Pug & Pekingese As the Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic breed they have a flattened face and large, protruding eyes causing continued exposure and less protection from the environment. Although some eye conditions have a genetic basis most are caused by irritation and trauma due to the shape and positioning of the eyes

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Brachycephalic - it's fancy for 'short faced' if you own a Bulldog (French, Aussie or English), Pug, Boston, Boxer, Pekingese or Shih Tzu, this is a word you need to kno The Brachycephalic Syndrome — Dr. Jan Grebe. Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome in Dogs — VCA . Disc Disease — UC Davis. Genetic Welfare Problems of Companion Animals: Shih Tzu: Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome (BAOS) — UFAW. Slipped Disc, Bad Back, and Muscle Spasms in Dogs — Pet MD. Shih Tzu — Wikipedi The Shih Tzu is a longhaired, brachycephalic companion dog that many people think is a toy breed, but which is in fact classed as a utility breed. This is one of the most enduringly popular dog breeds in the UK every year, and based on the number of adverts placed here on Pets4Homes for Shih Tzus for sale in the last year, is the ninth most popular dog breed in the UK overall But dogs, particularly brachycephalic or flat-faced breeds with bulging eyes like a Shih Tzu can have vision problems in an otherwise normal looking eye. Lazy eye is also a common term applied to cross eyes or strabismus, which can also appear in brachycephalic breeds. Causes. Shih tzus are prone to having birth defects of their eyelids or. Shih Tzu loosely translates to 'Little Lion' in Mandarin. Ironically, it was named after its looks because there is absolutely no fierceness to this adorable dog breed. From the laps of emperors in ancient China to the hearts of its present-day owners, Shih Tzus have always been leaders in the hall of fame for feline companionship

Shih Tzu are part of the brachycephalic dog group, meaning they have shorter noses and squishier faces (not pug squishy but more than a German Shepherd). This means that they are more likely to display certain behaviors when they are too warm A Shih Tzu is brachycephalic, or short-muzzled. This can lead to certain problems. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome can lead to breathing difficulties, including wheezing and snoring. Another condition, brachycephalic ocular syndrome can lead to eye problems. In addition, at short muzzle can also make your dog more susceptible to heat.

Shih Tzu enjoys a walk with its owners. Common Health Concerns. The Shih Tzu is a relatively healthy breed but can be prone to such health issues as dental problems, luxating patellas, eye problems, and hip dysplasia, among others. Shih Tzu are also brachycephalic, putting them at risk for brachycephalic airway syndrome.. For the best chances of a healthy pup, potential owners should research. Shih tzu — shares common ancestry with the Brussels griffon, Pekingese and pug. Originally a cross between the Pekingese and Lhasa apso. The Tibetan Dalai Lama gifted them to Chinese emperors near the end of the 17th century. If you have a soft spot for pugs, Boston terriers, Shih tzus, or any other brachycephalic breed, don't despair The Shih Tzu has a brachycephalic, or flat, face. This leads to all sorts of health concerns, unfortunately. Shih Tzus routinely suffer from brachycephalic conditions like breathing problems, dental problems and issues controlling heat

Shih Tzus belong to the brachycephalic family that have as physical features a flat face and short nose due to their flat and wide skull shape. These anatomical attributes can cause some health issues like skin, eye and breathing problems as well as a poor ability to tolerate heat. For all brachycephalic breeds, we advise you to choose a dog. Because the Shih Tzu is brachycephalic, care will need to be taken with exercise and temperature control if your Malshi has inherited this trait. Brachycephalic dogs cannot tolerate much exercise and take longer to recover after physical exertion. They also aren't strong swimmers and should never be left unattended near water Cross breeding the brachycephalic Shih-Tzu to the longer muzzled Australian Shepherd usually increases the length of the muzzle, which makes it easier for these dogs to breathe and prevents brachycephalic syndrome from developing. In some cases, the addition of the hypoallergenic Shih-Tzu to the Miniature Australian Shepherd can produce a. Respiratory issues are common in Shih Tzus as they are brachycephalic or short-headed which is a direct result of extensive efforts to breed them to have a certain appearance. Shih Tzus also have shortened airways, and the combination of these two characteristics makes them prone to breathing problems Shih Tzu Puppies. Physical Characteristics The Shih Tzu is a snugly built little animal with a solid, sound structure. It stands from about 8 to 11 inches tall at the withers, and should weigh from 9 to 16 pounds. Its body length is slightly greater than its height, and it should be physically proportional all over, neither too short or too.

The pug is a classic example of a brachycephalic breed (photocredit: Morguefile.com) Most people are not familiar with the term Brachycephalic, but if you own a Pug, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Boxer, Bulldog, Shih tzu or any one of the other breeds with pushed in faces, you should become familiar with this word.The word comes from Greek roots Brachy, meaning short and cephalic, meaning. History and Background of the Shih Tzu Breed While the prized Shih Tzu may be seated proudly in mostly American homes these days, these little canines have a regal past in Chinese history. Shih Tzu literally translates to Lion Dog in the Tibetan language. Imperial breeders, which often lived in the grand palaces of the emperors of China, created the breed likey by crossing Pekinghese and. Typically, stenotic nares surgery will run you anywhere between $200 and $1,000. The price tag varies based on a few factors, including the severity of the condition and the method of the procedure. A visit to the veterinarian should provide you with some sort of ballpark figure after an initial diagnosis. Typically, the surgery consists of.

Toy breeds like the Shih Tzu can be difficult to potty train, so make sure you read our guide for how to make the best start with their potty training schedule. For more training advice, take a look at this guide. As both the Bulldog and Shih Tzu have a brachycephalic face shape, it's vital you don't exercise them too much in hot weather. White Shih Tzu While pure white Shih Tzu dogs do exist, they are quite rare, as the white gene is recessive. Black Shih Tzu Dogs of this breed with pure black coats will usually have a distinctive sheen to their fur. Brindle Shih Tzu Brindle is a striped pattern of many shades of black, brown and gold

The Shih Tzu, when appropriately prepared and thought about, can make a great buddy. Its little size makes this breed perfect for lofts and littler living spaces. Simply be set up for some grunting and wheezing; it is a brachycephalic breed in light of its head shape and short, smooshed face Yorkies vs. Shih Tzu Grooming. Both the Yorkie and the Shih Tzu need regular, constant, and thorough maintenance and grooming. These two dogs have a coat that grows continuously. Thus, their best condition lies in constant brushing and grooming. Whatever you choose, you'll need to brush these dogs daily and trim the coat at least once a month

When it comes to snoring, this little furry guy does it without saving noise and sounds. lolololol You should make sure that he does not develop respiratory problems in the future, as we are talking about a breed of brachycephalic dogs. Take your Shih tzu to the vet for periodic appointments so he examines your four legged friend's breathing. Jan 24, 2018 - Brachycephalic dogs are adorable. That's hard to deny. So why should it be a problem when breeders continue to produce these dogs to meet demand? Well, those cute, smushed faces come at a price, and not just in terms of how much money it costs to buy a dog from a breeder The Shih Tzu is lively, intelligent, and alert. They are very social and do very well with children and other dogs. The AKC breed standard that describes the ideal Shih Tzu calls for a small but sturdy and heavily-coated dog. As a big dog in a small package both structurally and temperamentally, the ideal Shih Tzu stands 8 to 11 inches at the.

The next reason your Shih Tzu has red eyes could be dry eye, also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Dry eye is painful and necessitates a vet trip. If your Shih Tzu's tear glands look okay but their eyes are still somewhat red, then more than likely, they have dry eye. Another dead giveaway with dry eye is if your Shih Tzu blinks a lot Others include the Pug, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, French Bulldog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chinese Shar-Pei, Lhasa Apso, and Shih Tzu. However, any brachycephalic dog can develop this condition. Among cats, the Persian is most affected. Himalayans and Ragdolls can also be afflicted. Treatmen

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The Shih Tzu is the right furbaby for your situation. Shih Tzus have a relatively big size range for a Toy breed. With a height between 9 and 10½ inches at the shoulder and a weight between 9 and 16 pounds, the Shih Tzu can be very tiny or a bit larger. Regardless, Shih Tzus are sized as good apartments and traveling pets Dogs with brachycephalic conformation frequently suffer from stenotic nares. This study investigated the clinical effects of stenotic nares resection in shih tzu puppies using an amputation technique first described in 1949. The authors hypothesized that surgical correction of the stenotic nares wou But the Shih Tzu is one of a handful of brachycephalic breeds and this is directly related to panting. The skull is compressed (and the snout is short). This means that the internal breathing passages are much more compact than with their long-snouted counterparts. This alone can make it more difficult to take in deep or quick breaths Shih Tzu; Pekinese; Unlike most dogs with upper airways that enable air to pass freely through the trachea, the anatomy of brachycephalic dogs can present issues and hamper clear, easy breathing. The key components of the brachycephalic airway syndrome include

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The term brachycephalic refers to those dogs with pushed in faces. Breeds such as the Pug, Shih Tzu, Pekingnese and Yorkshire Terrier are considered brachycephalic. Brachycephalic dogs are known for having respiratory problems. Though it's true that these dogs are more prone to respiratory complaints, not every brachycephalic dog will. Dog breeds with Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) can have problems regulating their body temperature , so it is advisable to avoid walking them in high temperatures - instead try to walks your Shih Tzu in either the early morning or late evening when the air is cooler Shih Tzu One of the smallest brachycephalic dogs, the Shih Tzu is loyal and wonderful company to its family. They can, however, be a little territorial when it comes to other dogs and people. Special care is needed to look afer their coat and they are very common dog show participants. 9. Cavalier King Charles Spanie Shih Tzus are part of the brachycephalic dog breeds. These are dogs that have been bred to have short noses and compressed faces. Due to this breeding, these types of dogs tend to have more respiratory issues than dogs with longer snouts The Shih Tzu, in fact, is afflicted with two skeletal deformities: chondrodysplasia and brachycephalic syndrome. Dogs were never intended to have a long back and short legs, especially if the legs are bowed (like Queen Anne furniture legs). This build is caused by a genetic skeletal deformity called chondrodysplasia, which translates roughly to.

The Shih Tzu is a rather popular breed in the U.S.A.- Ranked 20th most registered breed by the AKC for 2017. Lifespan of Shih Tzu. Shih Tzu's are generally healthy and can live for a long time. The average lifespan of Shih Tzu is from 10 to 18 years. Like any other dog breeds, however, Shih Tzu are prone to certain health problems, as listed below Brachycephalic literally means short-headed, and this term is used to describe dogs that have flat faces and short snouts. Some of the most popular brachycephalic breeds are Pugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Boxers, and Boston terriers. Read about: Shih Tzu Poodle cross. Distinct Health Concerns for Brachycephalic Dog

A. No. To ensure a consistent policy is applied, all transport for snub-nosed/flat-faced breeds must be booked through a Qantas Freight-approved pet travel specialist as they can conduct all the necessary pre-flight checks to certify that your pet is fit to travel. Q: I don't want to book my brachycephalic pet through a third party Supracollicular fluid accumulation without concomitant lissencephaly has been reported in male brachycephalic dogs, and the Shih Tzu dog breed was most often reported . In dogs, most SFAs are associated with dorsocaudal outpocketing of the third ventricle (SFA-III) [ 24 ]

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OverviewPugs, Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, and Boxers all have something in common: that familiar, endearing, smooshed-in face. There's a name for that adorable face: brachycephalic. The above breeds, and many more, are considered brachycephalic breeds and all possess the flat face, pushed-up nose, narrow nostrils, and large eyes. Unfortunately, because of this peculiar anatomy, brachycephalic dogs. Otherwise known as pups with crushed faces, the brachycephalic dogs are a group of breeds that are very popular around the world. Some of these breeds include the following ones - Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Japanese Chin, Pug, Brussels Griffon, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Boxer, Bulldog, and others.Just in the United States alone, the sheer amount of registrations for English and American. Shih Tzus can have breathing problems related to the shape of their nasal passage ways and face. This is called Brachycephalic syndrome. They can have a soft pallet that is too long, a trachea (windpipe) that is to small, and smaller than normal nostrils. As Shih Tzu's age they can also have a collapsing trachea The Shih Tzu's long coat, unless groomed and regularly trimmed, will impact on his quality of life. Care should be taken especially with the hair around the face and eyes. Brachycephalic ocular syndrome - due to the extremely short head shape and consequences on the shape and position of the eyes - causes several eye conditions that lead. This breed is brachycephalic, meaning it has a short nose that doesn't cool air the way other, longer-nosed dogs can; this makes Shih Tzus prone to heat exhaustion--so owners are advised not to do too much Shih Tzu exercise in sweltering temps. And finally: a leash is recommended when you and your Shih Tzu are out in public

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The Shih Tzu is brachycephalic. The Shih Tzu has a brachycephalic face, which gives their face a slightly flattened appearance with a shorter than normal soft palate. Whilst they're not one of the most extremely brachycephalic breeds, this is something that prospective owners need to bear in mind Shih Tzu Puppies - Petland Carmel, IN. Shih Tzu loosely translates to 'Little Lion' in Mandarin. Ironically, it was named after its looks because there is absolutely no fierceness to this adorable dog breed. From the laps of emperors in ancient China to the hearts of its present-day owners, Shih Tzus have always been leaders in the hall of. Breathing difficulties may also occur because of an abnormally small windpipe (or trachea), another characteristic common to brachycephalic breeds. Some of the more common brachycephalic breeds are the pug, bulldog, boxer, chihuahua, and shih tzu. The condition or disease described in this medical article can affect both dogs and cats

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A Shih Tzu's coat will often trail to their feet, as it is so full and dense. Shih Tzus are usually white mixed with other colours, meaning there are many different variations to choose from. Shih Tzus are also brachycephalic, which means that their muzzle and nose is flat In brachycephalic dogs (dogs with flat muzzles), though, snorting may be a sign of respiratory distress. If your Shih-Tzu is snorting and has pale gums, has fainted, or displays any difficulty breathing, it is a medical emergency! Get to the vet right away! When in Doubt - See Your Vet Best Exercise for a Shih Tzu. 1. Walking. Walking remains one of the best exercises for your Shih Tzu. Your Shih Tzu won't need hours of walking and around 20-minutes per day will suffice. The short legs will always be moving at a brisk pace to keep up with you which will get their heart rate up The Shih Tzu is a breed native to Asia, likely Tibet or China.They are characterized by a small body, brachycephalic snout and, perhaps most noticeably, their beautiful long hair. Their features make them a much sought-after animal, but they are only for guardians who can meet the responsibility of all their needs

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Little Dipper's Shih Tzu. 42 likes. Hobbyopdræt af sunde og racetypiske familiehunde The Maltese Shih Tzu (which is often misspelt as Maltese Shitzu) is a crossbreed or hybrid breed of domesticated dog. They are a toy dog breed, very small sized but stable dogs, equipped with a short muzzle, small round head and a soft medium-length but thick coat. Popular companion animals, the breed is among the most popular cross breed types. The Shih Tzu is a brachycephalic breed (which means its face is squashed up - It literally means short skull). This means that to be a Shih Tzu owner, you may need to put up with some snoring. They are susceptible to the breathing problems which affect all brachycephalic dogs. They have been bred as companion dogs and make ideal pets

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The Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix is an unpredictable breed that can have just about any personality and appearance. This mix breed can inherit the bossy nature of a Chihuahua or the easy-going demeanor of a Shih Tzu. It will all depend on which parent's genes are stronger. Regardless of how bossy they are you can expect a loyal and loving family. Brachycephalic Syndrome - the Shih Tzu has a rounded head and a squashed face, like a Pug dog; features that can cause a variety of breathing problems and the ability for it to keep cool through breathing like other dogs Brachycephalic Respiratory Syndrome or brachycephalic airway syndrome encompasses a specific set of upper airway abnormalities that may occur in Maltese Shih Tzus. This congenital obstructive disease can involve multiple conditions such as an elongated soft palate, hypoplastic trachea, or laryngeal collapse amongst others

Shih Tzu Dog Breed Field Guide | PetMDBrachycephalic Ocular Syndrome: bulging eyes in dogs - TheBrachycephalic: Protecting Your Short-Nosed Pet | Pets4HomesSurgery of the Digestive System | Veterian KeyPug - Brachycephalic Ocular Syndrome - UFAW

The Shih Tzu that I walked was a very pampered and spoiled dog, and loved to play more than anything in the world. The Shih Tzu was easily spooked by loud noises when walking outside, and was very interested in other dogs or humans passing by, but was not as much of a sniffer or explorer as some of the other dogs Though a toy breed, the Shih Tzu is built with solid stature and they are longer than high. The large dark round eyes are not prominent, eyelid and lip margins are pigmented darkly. Skull is brachycephalic and the small muzzle is about one inch long. The nose is black except for the liver and blue dogs, where they are liver and blue to match Brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs are currently in the news due to large scale campaigns to ban their breeding. Some of the most popular pet dogs are included in these breeds, Boxers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Pekinese, Shih Tzu and Bull Mastiffs Animals affected by brachycephaly (having a flat-face) include dog breeds such as the French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pug, Boston Terrier, Boxer, British Bulldog, and Shih-tzu and cats such as the Persian and Persian-derived breeds such as the exotic shorthair. Some rabbit breeds also suffer from brachycephaly, including the Netherland dwarf. Many brachycephalic (short-faced) breeds including Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Shih Tzu, suffer from Pigmentary Keratitis although other breeds may be affected. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF PIGMENTARY KERATITIS? Redness and increased discharge from the affected eye(s) is common. The eye can appear cloudy/white due to scarring, red due to blood. Shih Tzu and Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome · See more » Breed standard A breed standard (also called bench standard or standard of points) in animal fancy and animal husbandry is a set of guidelines which is used to ensure that the animals produced by a breeder or breeding facility conform to the specifics of the standardized breed