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  1. Developer solution is used in the darkroom for developing (i.e. converting latent image to visible image) x-ray films used in conventional (screen film) radiography.. Components. developer: hydroquinone (for high contrast) + Metol or phenidone (for low contrast) the developer itself gets oxidised and in the process reduces the exposed silver in the film to form metallic silver (black
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  4. the film goes from the developer solution straight into the fixer. 4. FIXING. The acidic fixing solution removes the unexposed and undeveloped silver bromide crystals from the film emulsion and re-hardens the emulsion that has softened during the development process. For manual processing, if the film is placed in the developer solution
  5. fixing agent: sodium/ammonium thiosulfate, dissolves unexposed silver. hardener: potassium alum, to harden the gelatin emulsion in film. acidifier: sulfuric/acetic acid, to remove any residual alkalinity from previous developing. After fixing, washing under running water is done, which is then followed by drying of the x-ray film
  6. ates the harsh odor of chemicals. Fixers and developers are available pre-mixed or in concentrated solutions.

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The developer converts the latent image to macroscopic particles of metallic silver. A stop bath, typically a dilute solution of acetic acid or citric acid, halts the action of the developer. A rinse with clean water may be substituted. The fixer makes the image permanent and light-resistant by dissolving remaining silver halide Hello freinds,This video is about how to make developer and fixer solution from liquid solution to develop a dental x-ray..how to use powdered developer and. After leaving the developer the film is transported into a second tank, which contains the fixer solution. The fixer is a mixture of several chemicals that perform the following functions. Neutralizer When a film is removed from the developer solution, the development continues because of the solution soaked up by the emulsion

  1. Flow Dental Concentrated X-Ray Film Developer and Fixer together produce high quality radiographs in less time. The X-Ray Film Developer has a Phenidone base, which allows for a higher concentration of developer that yields better radiographs and slower oxidation of the solution
  2. Darby's 15 Second Chairside Developing Solution is for use in manual processing tanks. It is engineered to produce chairside images of intraoral dental x-ray film. This ready to use, pre-mixed solution produces a high quality image suitable for viewing in 30 seconds. It is sold in one pint sets of fixer and developer
  3. 9 Ltrs, 13.5 Ltrs, 22.5 Ltrs. As a respected company, we are engaged in providing a comprehensive range of X-Ray Film Developer & Fixer to our valuable clients. This product is available in various packaging options as per the client's specifications. The chemical offered by us is processed by our professionals using utmost grade ingredients.
  4. In addition to thiosulphate the fixer typically contains mildly acidic compounds to adjust the pH and suppress trace amounts of the developer. This compound is often an alkali hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite) which also serves to preserve the thiosulphate. Less commonly it may also contain other additives e.g. for the hardening of gelatin
  5. amount of developer and top up with fresh developer, (replenishment). If the test film appears cloudy, slightly tacky or yellow, remove an amount of fixer and replenish with fresh fixer solution. Slightly Tacky could be a dryer problem. Especially with the Extra-X where one of the double dryer elements can go dow
  6. An improved combined developer-fixer photographic processing monobath composition and method for use thereof, providing rapid and even development while maintaining fine grain structure and producing good image quality and extended processing life, including at least in excess of 100 grams of anhydrous sodium sulphite per liter of solvent in the working monobath solution
  7. GLOSSARY. Accelerators: Chemicals that increase the pH of the developer and subsequently increase the rate of developing. Acidifiers: Compounds that accelerate the fixing process and neutralize the alkaline developer. Buffers: Compounds in the fixer that maintain proper solution pH. Clearing agents: Also called fixing agents; a portion of the fixer that dissolves and removes the unexposed.

Developer Fixer 0 - 10 35 ml/film 35 ml/film 11 - 25 30 ml/film 32 ml/film 26 - 50 25 ml/film 30 ml/film III. MIXING INSTRUCTIONS Do not dilute! Anatomix RTU Developer and X-Fix RTU Fixer are ready to use solutions. Tank solution Anatomix RTU Developer tank solution can be prepared using Anatomix Starter Developer Replenishe • The x ray film is present in sachet containing developer and fixer . • Following exposure the developer can be pulled, releasing developer solution which is milked down toward the film and flow around it. 80. • After 15 seconds fixer tab is pulled to release the fixer solution which similarly baths down the film Processing all of your B&W film at home is easier than ever with this magical and versatile Single-Step BW Developer-Fix monobath solution, akin to D96 motion picture developer but with no need for stop bath, fixer, or any other chemicals, is perfect for processing CineStill BwXX along with any other black & white film

This process stops the action of the developer, and prevents fixer from rapid exhaustion. Fixer: 5 min: Agitate for first 30 sec, then for 5 sec for every 30 sec. Drain used fixer to bulk tank. Film is no longer light-sensitive after this process. Rinse: 30 sec: Rinse the film in the tank under running water. Perma-wash (Hypo-clear) 1 - 2 mi To monitor the performance of a processor, apart from optimum temperature and mechanical checks, chemical and sensitometric checks should be performed for developer and fixer. Chemical checks involve measuring the pH values of the developer and fixer as well as both replenishers. Also, the specific gravity and fixer silver levels must be measured 2. Do not put your bare hands in developer baths. Use tongs instead. If developer solution splashes on your skin or eyes immediately rinse with lots of water. For eye splashes, continue rinsing for 15-20 minutes and seek medical attention. 3. Do not use para-phenylene diamine or its derivatives if at all possible. Stop Baths and Fixer

concentrates: Solution A (the fixer concentrate) and Solution B (the hardener concentrate) • For use with film and paper Fixer • A general-purpose hardening fixer for films and papers • Mixes to working strength KODAK PROFESSIONAL Chemical Description * Use the mixed solution as a working tank solution or a replenisher 3. Crossover Assembly • Moves film from developer to fixer tank and from the fixer to the wash tank • Forces solutions from film back into the tank it is coming from. 83. 4. Squeegee Assembly • Moves the film from the wash tank to the dryer • Squeegee action removes excess water from the film. 84 Thankfully Freestyle Photo Supplies carries Arista Universal Liquid Fixer that is non-hardening and it does not fall into the rapid fix category. If you want to do that at least it is an option for now and a very good option for many. (28% solution) - 48ml; To make 1 gallon of stop bath mix the following: Water at room temperature - 100.

Ø Spent fixer, due to the photographic paper releasing silver into solution, should be collected and containerized with a Hazardous Waste Label (refer to EH&S Hazardous Materials and Waste Manual, Appendix B of the Chemical Hygiene Plan). Call EH&S for pickup Ø Any un-used fixer can be collected along with the spent fixer Waste developer should not be mixed with fixer, otherwise, the combined solution will most likely be a hazardous waste. Unfortunately, some development units mix the fixer and developer after they are spent, making the entire solution hazardous waste. in such cases, consider changing or modifying your equipment (you may be able to purchase an. Net32.com offers Pre-mixed developer & fixer, Developer & fixer concentrate and Pre-mixed developer, along with many other products in the X-Ray processing solutions category. We offer you great deals off retail pricing on top brands House Brand, Peri-Pro and Air Techniques made by top manufacturers House Brand, Air Techniques and Carestream Health Waste developer should not be mixed with used fixer, which is likely to be a hazardous waste, otherwise, the combined solution will be a hazardous waste. Unfortunately, some development units mix the fixer and developer after they are spent, making the entire solution hazardous waste The 5 gallon disposal system breaks down and absorbs all x-ray chemistry waste. It allows for the disposal of 2.5 gallons of Fixer and 2.5 gallons of Developer with each Kit, making the material inside of the disposal kit non-toxic, non-hazardous and suitable for discarding with other regular trash. For more information, contact DRNA at 800-360.

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X- Ray Developer & Fixer Powder. Get Latest Price. Suitable for all jobs of medical and industrial x- ray applications. Guarantees maximum contrast with higher clarity with minimum fog. Higher speed of development. Available in packs for making 4.5.ltrs, 9 ltrs, 13.5 ltrs and 22.5 ltrs of working solution. ACE PREMIUM introduces a wide range of. Quality of holograms depends greatly upon accuracy of the chemical solution composition. Practically the same process happens in the fixer, but in the developer atoms of silver bromide being in the solution are reduced to metallic silver and then they fall on silver bromide microcrystals (this process is called diffusive transfer).. weak acid (acetic acid). Stop bath neutralizes the developer and stops the devel-opment process. Fixer Fixer is a chemical used to remove silver halide from an emulsion, leaving only silver. In other words, the image becomes fixed or made permanent. Fixer's main ingredient is sodium thiosulphate. Conventional black and white photo

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Each 1/2 gallon bottle contains enough starter to season 24 gallons of developer solution. Developer Systems Cleaner An environmentally friendly liquid systems cleaner designed to clean the developer tank and developer recirculation system of automatic processors as well as associated racks, rollers, etc When the second developer composition becomes depleted, a replenisher solution may be added thereto. In one exemplary wet chemical color film development process, a 1 liter second developer replenisher solution is made by adding to 800 ml of water at about 90° C., 30 grams of sodium sulfite, 55 grams of hydroquinone, 20 grams of sodium. Specialty Waste Solutions is a locally operated company that proudly serves clients throughout the southwest United States, including California, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Our hazardous waste disposal services are fully compliant and tailored to meet the exact needs of your facility. Cost-Effective Solutions The function of the developer solution is to chemically reduce the exposed, energized silver halide crystals to black metallic silver. fixing agent composition? ammonium thiosulfate 19 the developer and fixer must be changed at the same time every? or more often with high volume of processing 3-4 weeks 2

X-ray fixer, X-ray developer, Dental/X-ray film, and; Lead foil and aprons, can be even more dangerous if not suitably disposed of. This, among other reasons, is why some major healthcare facilities have made the switch to digital radiology (DR). Digital radiology functions much in the same way as its analog counterpart, but doesn't have. Manual Processing Developer. Cinefluorographic/manual hand tank chemicals are designed to provide optimal diagnostic images with all cine and manually processed x-ray films. White Mountain Imaging's Manual Processing Developer, a 1-part premium liquid concentrate solution is a clean working, cost effective, high capacity solution suitable for. Universal Fixer Replenisher Concentrate - Part B (English) ( Spanish • French) - 1/16. Universal Fixer Replenisher Working Solution (RTU) (English) ( Spanish • French) - 1/16. Chemblend Fixer. Chemblend ClinicPack & Industrial Fixers Working Solution - 10/16. Chemblend ClinicPack & Industrial Fixers Part A - 10/16 HYPAM FIXER 1+4 1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING PRODUCT NAME HYPAM FIXER 1+4 PRODUCT NO. IP94328-1+4 APPLICATION Photographic Fixer Solution CONTACT PERSON HS&E Advisor Dr Trevor Rhodes Tel: +44(0)1565 650000, email: trevor.rhodes@harmantechnology.com 2 HAZARDS IDENTIFICATIO

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4/5 (619 Views . 28 Votes) To keep automatic and manual processing solutions clean, change every three to four weeks under normal conditions. Normal use is defined as 30 intraoral films per day. Heavy workloads may require more frequent changes. Developer and fixer solutions should be replenished daily. Click to see full answer 6. Check that the solution in the developer (black) and fixer (red) tanks are up to the Fill Lines as indicated on the inside of the refill access door. If not, top off the developer and fixer tanks with water. 7. Close the refill access door to enable the processing of films. 8. Turn POWER ON to prepare for processing Choose from the best selection for X-Ray Chemicals. X-Ray Developer, X-Ray Fixer, T2 Developer, T2 Fixer, Med-Dent Chemicals and others chemicals by ZZ Medical Inc Velopex Radiographic Chemical consists of a high quality formulation with excellent processing performance. Velopex Chemicals can be used for both manual and automatic processing and are recommended for use in all Velopex Automatic Processors, while also being suitable for use in most other machines. Velopex chemicals benefit from excellent longevity, deliver consistently high quality images. X-ray fixer, or x-ray fixer solution neutralizes any developer remaining on the film, removes undeveloped silver halides, and hardens the emulsion. What makes it dangerous is its chemical makeup: it contains high concentrations of silver, typically 3,000 to 8,000 mg/l of silver

When filling the processor with both developer and fixer solutions, fill the fixer tank first. Automixer . A new mix of replenisher solution should be made when the low-solution level indicator is activated. Be sure the tank has enough room to accept the additional amount of liquid volume to be mixed Readymatic Dental Developer, Fixer and Replenisher - Value Pack. ABX® Developer and Fixer - Developer, 1 Gallon Bottles, 4/Pkg. A/T 2000® XR Chemistry - Developer and Fixer - Developer and Fixer, 2 Gallons Each and 2-Color Sponges. Rapid Process Chemistry Developer, 1 Quart. Carestream Dental If the fingerprints are due to developer solution, then resulting marks will be dark and usually impossible to remove. When the marks are caused by touching the film with fingers that are wet from fixer chemicals, then lighter colored fingerprints will be left on the emulsion that can sometimes be removed by thorough washing Used fixer from X-ray processing is a dangerous waste because it contains high concentrations of silver-3,000 to 8,000 parts per million— and anything over 5 ppm is dangerous waste. Because of these high silver levels, it's illegal to put used fixer down the drain, into a septic system or into the garbage. Collect used fixer in a. Product Identity: DF4 Developer Producer/Distributor: Jay House, Unit 6b, Park Lane industrial Estate, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9LG, U.K. Tel: +44 (0)1249 714555 2. COMPOSITION / INGREDIENT INFORMATION This is an aqueous, alkaline solution of organic and inorganic compounds, normally diluted 1+4 with water to make working solution

But you will need to use a stock solution instead of a diluted developer. Using D-76 1+1 dilution for +3EV push processing sill seriously increase development time. As for the development times, I would try to develop T-Max 400 for 12-13 minutes in a stock solution for 3200 ISO The solution that is maintained at the temperature of approximately 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) is the: Wash. The termination of development process can be accomplished by placing the film in a/an: Acid solution. The principal cause of oxidation in the developer solution of an automatic processor is the exposure to x ray film developer and fixer solution automatic, US $ 28 - 30 / Carton, Guangdong, China, Fumingwei, FJ101/102.Source from Shenzhen Fumingwei Industrial Co., Ltd. on Alibaba.com Carestream X-OMAT MX Fixer and Replenisher, Part 1. Carestream X-OMAT MX Fixer and Replenisher, Part 2. Carestream X-OMAT MX Fixer and Replenisher, Part A. Carestream X-OMAT MX Fixer and Replenisher, Working Solution. Carestream X-OMAT RA 30 Fixer and Replenisher, Working Solution. Carestream X-OMAT Screen Cleaner

Ilford 2000RT Machine Fixer. 2000RT is a non-hardening, liquid fixer concentrate specially designed for the rapid fixing of resin coated paper in processing machines complementing the 2000RT developer. It can be used at a wide range of fixer temperatures, 20-40°C (68-104°F). 2000RT Fixer must not be used with fix hardeners A chemical solution used for fixation. A fast fixing bath that includes ammonium thio sulphate or thiocyanate. Fixer is used for processing all commonly used films, including black-and-white film s, Koda chrome, and chromogenic film s. In chromogenic films, the remaining silver must be remove d by a chemical mixture called a bleach fix. fixer: [ fik´ser ] the chemical used to remove unexposed, underdeveloped silver compounds and to harden gelatin or emulsion on film MSDS Product Name: KODAK RP X-OMAT Fixer and Replenisher, Working Solution Page 2 of 5 file://E:\ScanPictures\MSDS\Kodak MSDS\104076RTU-Part II.htm 9/29/00 Health - 1, Flammability - 0, Reactivity (Stability) - 0 NOTE: HMIS and NFPA hazard indexes involve data review and interpretation that may vary among companies Developer contamination* by fixer. Check mixing procedures - make new developer solution. Image too dense. 1. Developer temperature too high. 2. Over replenishment of developer. 3. Processing time too long. 4. Overexposed film. 1. Check the temperature with a thermometer and adjust settings. 2. Check replenishment rates, pumps & settings an

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standards. Both developer and fixer, if improperly managed in the department, could pose a safety risk to Duke Personnel and the environment. This procedure applies to all departments at Duke University, Duke University Medical Center, and Duke University Health Systems who use photographic developer and fixer. Disposal Options . 1 1. Prepare developer and fixer solutions according to directions on the containers. 2. Use an accurate thermometer to determine the temperature of the developer solution for the selected film. 3. Carefully attach films to the film hangers. 4. Set the timer according to the chart for the developer temperature. *5

For use normal use, mix 1/4 ounce (7.5 ml) of solution A with 6 ounces (180 ml) of solution B and add water to make 16 ounces or 500 ml. This solution works quickly, so reduction must be carefully monitored. For a slower reducing action, increase the amount of water or reduce the amount of Solution A Developer. Chemical solution that converts the latent image (still invisible) in exposed film to a visible image. Stop Bath. Chemical solution that stops the development of the film. Fixer. Chemical solution (sodium thiosulfate or ammonium thiosulfate) that makes a photographic image insensitive to light oxidation and evaporation; store developer replenisher in a closed container. • Fill the developer and fixer tank to its original level each morning with developer or fixer replenisher solution (topping off). • Discard solution after adding two tank volumes of replenisher to tank, or at least once a month, and refill with fresh solution Developer and fixer documentation like this one from Ilford should help you determine the numbers. You can also say that something odd is going on by develeloper color and fixer smell. If the developer becomes brown, it is a sign that it aged too much. Fixer should not develop strong odor. Check for sediments, too

(a) the percent composition of ammonia, NH3 (b) the percent composition of photographic fixer solution (hypo), Na2S2O3 (c) the percent of calcium ion in Ca3(PO4)2 34. Determine the following to four significant figures: (a) the percent composition of hydrazoic acid, HN3 (b) the percent composition of TNT, C6H2(CH3)(NO2)3 (c) the percent. Fixer: MXRAFIXEP22. Concentrated fixer in powdered form for dilution; make 22.5 litres of working solution. Once prepared, the fixer solution should be used within the proceeding two months; store between 15 and 18ºC and protect from sunlight. Can be used to manually develop either green- or blue-sensitive films

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A developer solution and edge bead remover. composition includes: (A) water; (B) at least a basic compound; and (C) a non-ionic surfactant having the structure (I): wherein: R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5 are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, alkyl, aryl, aralkyl and halogen, and at least two of R1, R2, R3, R4 and RS are selected from the group consisting of aralkyl and aryl, R6 is. B-1O1 ZIP DEVELOPER AND ZIP FIXER Zip Developer and Zip and Tray Fixer are packaged full strength, ready to use in Zip Processors. DO NOT DILUTE. B-102 TRAY DEVELOPER AND FIXER Use Metalphoto Tray Developer for tank or tray processing. Mix 1 part developer to 3 parts distilled or deionized water. Always discard used tray developer 27271-A6 - PERI-CHEM Developer Revision Date 24-Feb-2015 Skin contact IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of soap and water. If skin irritation or rash occurs: Get medical advice/attention. Inhalation Move to fresh air. If symptoms persist, call a physician. Ingestion If swallowed, do not induce vomiting - seek medical advice. Most important symptoms/effects, acute and delaye (4) Change the Developer and Fixer Every Four to Six Weeks Follow these steps when changing chemicals. Drain the solution tank(s). Remove the splash guard(s), cross-overs, and the appropriate; processing rack(s) from the processor. Rinse off the above parts with warm water ( 90[F], 50º Celsius [C]). Clean off any chemical deposits

The fixer was a 700g packet whereas the developer was 415g, both to make up 3.8L. What those weights convert to in volume once in solution, i don't know. Rodeo_joe, you mentioned 40ml, is that for the developer? I certainly noticed a diference in volume between the the developer and fixer DEVELOPER & FIXER SOLUTIONS. Ready to use (no dilution required) chemicals, designed for use in all brands and types of automatic roller type processors. BM ®-2000 is the market leader in convenience, efficiency and sensitometric properties. Packaged 2 x 4 L of Developer (BM ®-2100) and 2 x 4 L of Fixer (BM ®-2200) per case. Also sold. The chemicals in both kinds of developer solutions are all dissolved. in water. This is necessary both for the action of the chemicals and for the softening of. the emulsion. 1-10. FIXER SOLUTION. Although the concentration of the fixer solution varies for the two methods of. processing, the chemicals used are basically the same. The fixer has.

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Fixer is a different story, fixer has silver dissolved in it. You can place the used fixer in a bucket and de-silver it by placing a pad of steel wool in it. About a week of this should collect the silver, carefully pour off the liquid, use the cold and hot regiment, and dispose the steel wool pad and contents at your local chemical waste. So you have to consider the balance between developer and fixer for a particular film precisely and, if necessary, change the amount of fixer to obtain the desired result. 4- To obtain the desired result, and change the composition of the formula, you must change the amount one of the material, thus, the result will be predictable and manageable Both the developer and fixer are single-solution concentrates that provide mixing convenience, improved chemical stability and identical mixing and dilution procedures for tank and replenishment solutions. Carestream Rapid Access Dental Developer and Fixer are designed for manual processing of intraoral dental x-ray films to produce a. Collateral Materials. Safety Data Sheets. Please click on link to view additional details. Photo Systems: 102010 NETWORK PRO ONE VERSOL RED FOUNTAIN SOLUTION. 146010 HICON 540 FIXER. 147290 CP-1 DEVELOPER. 148290 CP-2 FIXER. 154020 FIXER HARDENER Kodak Dektol Black and White Paper Developer Powder makes 1 Gallon (5160270) 5 out of 5 stars. (6) 6 product ratings - Kodak Dektol Black and White Paper Developer Powder makes 1 Gallon (5160270) C $21.97. C $49.86 shipping. or Best Offer

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4 stages of processing in order. 1.developing 2.fixer 3.washer 4.dryer. 3 tanks in processor. developing- deepest and film spends the most in it fixing-next deepest and film spends less time in the fixer then the developer washing-least deep and film spend the least amount of time here. developing primary function Air Techniques Pre-Mixed Developer and Fixer for Automatic and Manual processors, Case of 2 Gallons Developer and 2 Gallons Fixer. Manufacturer Code: 40270. Brand: Air Techniques. Method: Automatic & manual. Packaging: 2 gallon developer & 2 gallon fixer

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Dry tintype developer. The dryplate tins I have used in the past are the ROCKLAND products. Oyhrewise I use collodion for tins. But what Im looking for is a formula used for developing the dry gelatin tins like that of Rockland. They have an MSDS display on thier site for their products and it does show the composition of the tintype developer X Ray Film Developer And Fixer Solution Automatic , Find Complete Details about X Ray Film Developer And Fixer Solution Automatic,Medical X Ray Film,Medical X Ray Film Developer And Fixer,Developer And Fixer from Tracheal Cannula Supplier or Manufacturer-Shenzhen Fumingwei Industrial Co., Ltd The temperature of the rinse water, stop bath, fixer, and wash water should be higher than 18°C (65°F) and within 5°C (10°F) of the developer temperature. Fresh fixer may completely fix slow conventional films in less than 2 minutes, while fast tabular grain films may take as long as 5 minutes

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Direction to Use. Before using the Samit X-ray developer solution, the tank should be completely drained and throroughly cleaned and flushed. Extreme care should be taken, to avoid any conatmination of the fixer. Usual developing time is 5 minutes at 29 o C. Developing is followed by rinsing in water for about 30 seconds, before the film is fixed X- Ray Developer/ Fixer Autex A2 Solution Automatic 10gal for Xray 2/Case Allied Photo Products 23212 Allied-Photo-Products-23212. Size: Quantity: X-Ray Developer/ Fixer Peri-Chem 3qt 6/Case Allied Photo Products 27271. Regular price: $25.00. Sale price: $19.99. X-Ray Developer/ Fixer. x-ray film developer and fixer solution . Brief description: * Suitable for all automatic developing machine and manual developing for various medical films in market. * Features in good inoxidizability, durable, and big medical films developing quantity