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Si4 Mic Pre - ShinyBox Place Holde A well taken care of ShinyBox Si4 Microphone Preamp in excellent condition. Four transparent channels. Fully functional and cosmetically very clean, except for a small scratch on the rear. No international shipping. I will only be shipping to the lower 48 states US. I can ship out the same day de.. Si4 ShinyBox. Metering Each channel provides an 8 segment LED meter. The meter indicates the rms output level of the preamplifier. The meter can be switched between several meter-ing modes. There is a small tactile pushbutton on the left side of each meter (to the right of the 48d D.A.V. vs Shinybox vs Sytek Preamps vs Focusrite ISA: Hello, looking for some opinions on the character character comparison between the D.A.V. Broadhurst Gardens No.2, Shinybox Si4, and Sytek MPX-4? What one do you recommend? Will be used mainly for rock in conjunction with Daking pre's. Besides the Focusrite ISA pre's, they are all transformerless designs, but yet every pre still has.

ShinyBox Si4 transformerless mic pre (4 channels) Warm Audio WA76 compressor, limiting amplifier (2 channels) Warm Audio WA2A compressor, limiting amplifier (2 channels) Cloudlifter CL-1 mic activator Rupert Neve Designs RND1 DI Acme Motown DI. EQUALIZATION: API 550a (4 channels) Great River Harrision EQ32 (2 channels ShinyBox Si4 : 1 : Audient ASP800 : Compressors. 1 : Rupert Neve Designs Master Buss Processor : 1 : Rupert Neve Designs Shelford 5051 : 2 : Rupert Neve Designs 5043 : 2 : Universal Audio 1176 : 1 : ProReplicas 1176A Compressor/Limiter : 1 : Chandler Limited TG12413 Zener Limiter : 2. 95% of my gear has been purchased used. This and my shinybox Si4 have been the first new things besides cable supplies and gaff tape for quite awhile. I'm stoked on both and planning on checking out the overstayer VCA compressor as well as shinybox ribbon mics in the near future The Shiny Box SI 500 Series Mic Preamp is a simple device that can only be used in 500 Series/Lunchbox style rack casings. Like all 500 series modules, it doesn't have any of it's own connections or power supply 4x Shinybox Si4 Preamp. 2x JLM Audio 990 Dual OpAmp. 2x Altec 1566 Custom Tube Preamp. 4x Universal Audio 710-D 4 channel. 2x Focusrite Red1 500. Ampex 601 Tube Preamp. Avalon VT-737

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  1. d him of API 512 preamps. A Sweetwater reviewer said it sounds like a Focusrite ISA with less noise. Another guy on Zenpro Audio said the preamps are equal quality of his Shinybox Si4 preamps. Whatever the case is, they have a detailed, slightly bright sound that isn't harsh
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  3. trodden wrote:If you do feel the desire to upgrade in the mic pre department, AND want some cash left for mics/monitors, I can't stress how great the ShinyBox Si4 is. $1400 for 4 great pres, made up here in Washington, by a good dude who frequents this board as well
  4. ShinyBox Si4. Ampex 602 Mic Pre. Akai/Roberts Pre (mod) ShinyBox 46MXC. read review. MXL 103. CAD e70. Tascam PE-120. Show More. Wishlist 0. Go to Wishlist

Post by shinybox on Jun 4, 2016 14:38:44 GMT -6. I'd throw my Si4 mic pre into the mix. Big sound stage, and clean but not boring. here it is on vocals. Regards Jon. Last Edit: Jun 4, 2016 14:51:11 GMT -6 by shinybox. Ribbon Microphones and Studio Electronics- shinybox.co

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SHINYBOX 2010 AES PRESS RELEASE COPY ShinyBox Studio Electronics (Booth 514) will be at AES for their 5th year showing their line of custom ribbon microphones , with options of either Cinemag or Lundahl transformer upgrades. New in the ShinyBox booth this year are three new high-end outboard products Snapshot from the other evening in my recording space. My better half is fine with me turning this room back into a master bedroom and moving into the..

  1. Post by mike onOct 8, 2020 at 7:55am. I'm wondering if the Martech MSS-10 is still as well regarded in 2020, as it has been in years past by those who use Clean (but not sterile), open, higher end pre's ? I heard one for an hour awhile back when demoing vocals on a mic and was impressed finding the Martech more open, detailed with a little.
  2. They are constructed to withstand mechanical shocks, and to retain sensitivity and frequency response regardless of changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure 46MX Series Ribbon Mics Professional polish, at a reasonable price VIEW SELECTION Si4 & 500 Series Mic Preamps. Sounding this expensive never cost so little. LEARN MORE
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  4. Ho ottenuto servito un paio di anni fa e havent stato in grado di usarlo ancora. Id piace usare questo e ho anche un Pro Tools rig e un paio di microfoni a nastro, Cascades Fat Head e un microfono ShinyBox che Ive utilizzato sulla maggior parte delle nostre cose. Ive ha usato lo stesso evento passivo 20 / 20s monitor per anni
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