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  1. Try this super tricky Disney quiz now! Can You Spot the Disney Movie from the Picture? 1/20. Andrew Stanton, Graham Walters, Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios Guess the Film From the Picture Still! Dog Breed Picture Quiz. The Ultimate Disney Princess Quiz. Which Disney Prince Is Your BFF? Disney Halloween quiz
  2. Yeah, this quiz is going to be a bit more difficult than you probably first thought. But that is OK! It will separate the true Disney fanatics from the casual Disney fans. The real Disney detectives from the passive Disney viewers. Some of these are going to be very tricky, but we believe in you
  3. This pub quiz picture round features 10 stills from famous Disney films. The aim for teams in your quiz is simply to name the films. It is recommended that this round is used in a pub quiz as a handout round. For more information on handout rounds and our recommended use for them in quizzes clic
  4. Grab some popcorn and test your knowledge of films with this tricky movie stills quiz! Good luck! 1/10. Home Alone | John Hughes | Chris Columbus | Hughes Entertainment Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios. That horse looks a bit chilly. Which film is this scene from? Frozen Frozen 2 Ice Age Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  5. The Ultimate Keanu Reeves Quiz READ MORE Everyone knows that the secret to a happy childhood is an abundance of Disney movies and also any food that Jamie Oliver advises us against eating for.
  6. Now's the time for you to show your appreciation for Disney's greatest sidekicks by matching them to their movies. As long as you don't Flounder, you can hopefully identify Olaf these sidekicks! Ask Tink to lend you some pixie dust for good luck! Scroll to Start Quiz. Ariel is rarely seen without her sidekick, Flounder

1 of 10. Your favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid! You're quirky, spontaneous, and you totally relate to Ariel, which is why your favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid! Share this Quiz. Share on Facebook. Share on Pinterest Mar 3, 2021. If you're a Disney fan, you've been pretty well fed these days with all the new releases, merch, and theme parks, but that doesn't mean you've forgotten about the old classics. DISNEY films are some of the famous in the world - here are some ideal Disney questions for your home quiz. By Jenny Desborough PUBLISHED: 21:49, Tue, May 12, 2020 | UPDATED: 21:59, Tue, May 12, 202

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  1. A 20-question quiz is challenging movie buffs to identify the film based on just one scene. 21. Reckon you can guess these films from seeing just one still from the movie? Credit: PA:Press.
  2. Jan 8, 2020. This list includes only movies made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which so far has only made three full sequels: The Rescuers Down Under, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Frozen 2, and some sequels to package movies, like The Three Caballeros, Fantasia 2000, and Winnie the Pooh
  3. Ultimate Disney Picture Quiz Questions: Round 2 - Disney Pixar Movies. The second round of this Disney picture quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Disney Pixar movies. These have all been massive hits at the box office over the last few years, but can you identify the 10 films from the pictures
  4. This 1953 Disney film is sure to live in your heart forever! Do you recognize it? Frozen. Peter Pan. Dumbo. Monsters, Inc. Advertisement. Walt Disney Productions. In 1960, Disney released a live-action film about a family who didn't quite make it to their destination of New Guinea
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  6. Family-friendly quizzes to try. 30 kid friendly general knowledge quiz questions to test your children. 130 movie and TV quiz questions to put your friends and family to the test. 70 fun quiz.
  7. Disney Trivia Question #1: Let's start this Disney quiz with a classic. In Disney's 1959 film, Sleeping Beauty, Aurora is betrothed to a prince shortly after she is born. This same prince.

10. Finish the lyrics: My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around. Disney / Via disneyscreencaps.com. That wraps my heart in a cold and distant past.. Correct. Incorrect. From classic animated and Pixar movies to the Disney theme parks, quiz yourself and see if you're worthy of the crown or, in this case, Mickey ears 101 Disney trivia questions and answers : 1 July 3, 2021. by: James Kenneth Presley. Do the latest Disney movies dive Into the Unknown? Take our quiz to find out! It's hard to remove ourselves from the magic of Disney's golden era of animation, as classics like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast reshaped not only the Disney brand but also our very childhood memories Disney movies are known for their heroic princesses. Most Disney fans can name the original Disney Princess movies, but with sequels and an ever-growing list, are you able to name every Disney Princess Movie? Take this quiz to see how many movies you can guess from a screenshot

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All the best Disney-themed quizzes in one place. Still wishing that Pizza Planet was an actual thing IRL. I Fully Expect You To Get 13/13 On This Disney Movie Quiz. Test your Disney. Name This Disney Movie (Copy) Quiz Answers. Known as one of the biggest film studios in Hollywood, Walt Disney Pictures has provided us countless of great movies. The company was founded by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney in 1923 and was used to be named Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. 1. WHAT DISNEY MOVIE IS THIS FROM? The Lion King Even the most devout Disney fanatic might have trouble remembering the first line of their favorite movies. Play Like Mum released a quiz challenging people to correctly guess Disney movies according to their first spoken lines. Can you correctly identify these 10 Disney movies from the first lines? Visit Insider's homepage for more stories Fifty 90s Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers. 90s Disney movie trivia questions and answers are an evergreen collection based on mind-blowing and memorable movies we have seen in childhood. The characters and storyline of the 90s Disney movie is still alive in our soul and are presented in the form of these trivia questions and answers

Everybody loves Disney. From the Jungle Book to Aladdin, from The Little Mermaid to Mulan, we all grew up with a favorite Disney movie. You might have loved the princess stories, had a soft spot for the animal films (Oliver & Company was seriously the best) or loved the full-scale adventures like The Lion King Take this visual trivia quiz to see if you can guess the Walt Disney movie just by looking at a screenshot. Take this visual trivia quiz to see if you can guess the Walt Disney movie just by looking at a screenshot. Quiz: Can You Guess 20/25 Of These Disney Movies By One Image? via Walt Disney Studios

With all of their friends and family, can you name the Disney movie from a picture of its supporting character? The first Walt Disney Pictures film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While Snow White was the leading character in this film, The Prince and the dwarfs were often filling up the screen. Fast forward to Beauty and the Beast Gemma Atkinson pays heartfelt tribute to her late father with touching childhood photos. QUIZ: Know the still? Name the animated movie Name this Walt Disney film based on a German fairy tale When it comes to Disney movies, we all have our favourites. We grew up watching them, and most of us have that one film we watched non-stop on repeat as a kid, and drove our whole family crazy. I will describe a Disney movie, and you tell me which movie it is. Most of these will be animated movies, but one or two of them might be live action. All information comes from IMDb. Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10. Difficulty: Easy. Played 89,916 times. As of Jul 07 21

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Disney movies have one of the most courageous and heroic princesses in animated as well as live-action films. Take this quiz to check out if you can identify these princesses based on the description of the film. Disney Princess quiz Guess the name of the Princess from the description of the film. 1 Hercules is a 1997 American animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation for Walt Disney Pictures. The film is loosely based on the legendary hero Heracles (known in the film by his Roman name, Hercules), the son of Zeus, in Greek mythology

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  2. A live-action remake of this film came out earlier in 2019, but this hasn't stopped people from going back and watching the original. Even after all these years, it still holds up as well as it did when it first hit theaters. Today, we want to take it back to 1994 and see who out there can ace this quiz on a true Disney classic
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But you shouldn't waste any more time and start this quiz. The artifacts lived through the night and were a reminder of the magic night. Try the Cinderella quiz now and will make sure to remind you of one of the best Disney movies. Having talked about the ball, let's explore why the Prince was first to have one Disney movies have a way of transporting us back to our childhoods in a way few other films can. They have the perfect mix of intriguing characters, stunning visuals and exciting plot twists that still somehow manage to put you on the edge of your seat even if you've seen it 20 times before It's time to find out if you can pass the ultimate Tangled trivia quiz. Real Disney fans know that Tangled is one of the greatest animated movies of all time. From the brilliant soundtrack ('Mother Knows Best' still slaps) to the epic romance (Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel forever), there are few films that are as entertaining as Tangled QUIZ: Which Lucasfilm Movie Should You Watch Next? May 5, 2021. By the D23 Team. May is an out-of-this-world month for Lucasfilm fans, typically—from May the Fourth to anniversaries of several Star Wars films, there's lots of reasons to celebrate. This month, D23 is making the lightspeed jump to an even bigger celebration: honoring 50 years.

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  1. Disney questions are a sure-fire way to add some magic and fun to your quiz night, as most of us have fond memories of the studio's characters and films from our formative years
  2. Think you know Disney movies? Can you tell your Lion Kings from your Little Mermaids? Take Empire's ultimate quiz and prove yourself as a Disney devotee
  3. Disney movies are full of plenty memorable moments, but lets see if you can remember these quotes! Start Quiz. Be sure to share your results in the comments below! Join the AllEars.net Newsletter to stay on top of ALL the breaking Disney News! You'll also get access to AllEars tips, reviews, trivia, and MORE! Click here to Subscribe
  4. 80 movie and TV quiz questions and answers for your Christmas pub quiz If you're after a bumper Christmas quiz to test the film buffs in your family - look no further. dailyrecor

12. Which Disney movie was the first to have a soundtrack album? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The classic 1937 Disney film was, not only the first Disney film, but the first American film to have a soundtrack album. At the time, Disney did not have its own music publishing company so the soundtrack was produced by Bourne Co. Music Publishers Disney at that point consecutive began creating more films and animated shows on Disney princess and till the time a total of 11 princess characters were made having various stories and aptitudes. Cinderella which was known to be the most acclaimed fairy tale and story, estimating that there are more than 350 different Cinderella stories and.

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Ariel. Ariel is an independent young mermaid who spends her days with Flounder and Sebastian, singing and dreaming of another world. Despite the obstacles in her way, she risks everything to explore the shore above Home Alone (1990) Still one of the highest-grossing films of all time: Culkin was, briefly, a cinematic icon comparable to Shirley Temple. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase. Ultimate Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Quiz. by Jennifer Fickley-Baker, Editorial Content Manager, Walt Disney World Resort. Fri, August 9, 2019

Answer: The Lion King (1994) is one of the highest-grossing animated Disney films. It was also made into a highly popular Broadway musical. Question: Who is the oldest Disney character still regularly appearing in Disney media? Answer: Pete, also known as Peg-Leg Pete, predates even the infamous Mickey Mouse by some three years C) It was the first cartoon film to feature Fantasound. D) It was the first cartoon film in color. 2. What did Mickey Mouse's first on-screen words reference? A) Goofy B) Pluto C) Food D) A steamboat. 3. Who drew the first Mickey Mouse comic strip published on January 13, 1930? A) Walt Disney B) Win Smith C) Ub Iwerks D) Floyd Gottfredson. 4 You all have a lot of memories of Disney cartoons and movies as well as their famous characters. Disney series has been a guest on our televisions since 1923. And today, after 97 years, its masterpieces still surprise and amaze everyone. Which Disney Princess are You? Disney movies are best known for their well-known princesses and princess

Feb 28, 2016 - Explore Sweetieapple Juice's board Disney princess quiz on Pinterest. See more ideas about disney, disney princess, disney love Dodie Smith. 9. What is the name of the princess in Disney's version of 'Sleeping Beauty'? Aurora. 10. Which 2007 Disney-Pixar animated film tells the story of Remy the rat and his obsession with food? Ratatouille. Quiz 51 Round 4 This pack includes 4 high-quality trivia picture rounds: Name the artworks 1, 2, 3 and Name the Artists and Artworks. High-quality downloads (question and answer sheets) via the link. Disney films are filled with memorable characters from royalty, heroes, sidekicks and villains

Feb 22, 2020 - Explore Erin Bradley's board Disney Movie Scenes on Pinterest. See more ideas about disney movies, disney, disney love In year 2018, there are currently eleven Disney princesses to keep track of in the Disney franchise. Some of the Disney princesses date all the way back to 1938, while some of them have just made their first appearance in recent years. The Disney princesses told stories of love, courage, bravery and happily-ever-after, but how [ Which Disney Philosophy Do You Live by? by Jill Slattery. Forget Socrates and Aristotle. Everything we learned about life came from Disney movies. QUIZZES

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Take the quizzes alone, with friends, or with your family to see which characters you know best and which ones are most like you. Whether you prefer classic Disney movies and shows or love their modern films, Disney quizzes help keep your love of the brand growing. Kids and adults of any age can try out these just for fun quizzes Guess the Disney Movie Using Emojis Only Brain Age Test Complete the test below, which has been developed by Dr Vincent Fortanasce, clinical professor of neurology at the University of Southern California, to find out your brain's 'real' age — and see how your lifestyle could be hastening your cognitive decline.. The Disney Channel's Zombies isn't exactly your parents' The Walking Dead....It's still got dead characters, of course - but it's a WHOLE lot cooler and funner! (But don't tell your parents about it, because then they'll want to watch it, too! Which would vastly diminish the coolness factor - just sayin'!) This quiz is about how well you know this great Disney movie The Disney Classics Quiz Book. December 14, 2020 ·. There's still time to order The Disney Classics Quiz Book in time for Christmas whether your looking for the perfect stocking filler or planning a quiz over the festive period, then we've got you covered. We have 4 ready to go quiz rounds in our 'extras' section

How many of the comic book legend's fleeting film appearances have you caught? How Well Do You Know The 'Toy Story' Movies? You've got a friend in me (if you can get a good score on this quiz) Disney movies have villains as memorable as the songs and much juicier lines. We asked the cast of Cruella, featuring Emma Stone, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, to guess. 2. There's always a chance, Doctor, as long as one can think. — Basil of Baker Street ( The Great Mouse Detective) 3. Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run. Disney Channel loves a bullying redemption arc, from Sharpay Evans of 'High School Musical' to Mootai of 'The Even Stevens Movie.' Quiz, throwback

Disney. 19 of 42. Hidden Mickeys in 'The Emperor's New Groove' (2000) Hidden Mickeys are a sub-category of Easter egg all their own. Basically, animators love hiding the classic Mickey head. The original Dumbo movie is still one of Disney's best. We love this tale of adventure and friendship told through mind-bending cartoon scenes. Most Beautiful. Disney's Take On History. Pocahontas Two-Movie Special Edition (Pocahontas / Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World It doesn't matter whether you have seen each of the Disney films 50 times, this new quiz will seriously put your knowledge to the test. We've stripped away the characters and left you with just.

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Feb 15, 2018 - Your choice in film still will tell us everything we need to know which Disney Princess you are. Take this quiz to find out It's half cute, and half a little bit creepy - but when it's put on famous faces it does look like they could be real life animated film characters. In the quiz below, the Disney / Pixar. Devised by parenting website Play Like Mum, the quiz isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination as it challenges you to guess the Disney film from just the first line of spoken dialogue in it

Fandango Staff. May 23rd 2016, 10:00 am. Think you're a Disney expert? Prove it. As the sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass opens this week, test your knowledge of Disney promotional taglines through the years. Next Article by Amanda Bell. 10 Reasons We Love I took a fun quiz - Do you agree or disagree with these unpopular Disney Opinions? Here's a few of the questions (or opinions from the Buzzfeed community). The Lion King has become super overrated and the storyline is extremely cheesy.(Disagree - still love it!) Tangled is not as good of a movie as everyone says it is.(DISAGREE!!! It's my favorite! Quiz: Can You Tell Which Disney Movie These Kisses Are From? No one does classic, cute, and completely timeless love like Disney does. With characters who have captured our hearts from the very. September 3, 2017 by Leah Rocketto. We've all watched our fair share of Disney movies, both as youngsters and adults. Of course we each have our favorite film, but which one matches your. These Disney movies cover a wide range of decades and productions. We've got Pixar, Disney Channel Original Movies, live-action, and more. Since there's a limited number of emojis we had to.

5/20: Invisibles Quiz #951. answers and top scores. The Boyz have done some more housecleaning, so the first 950 Invisibles quizzes have been now been locked away in the FilmWise Vault. Send us your email address if you'd like to receive updates on new Invisibles and Contests. (optional) Name This Disney princess quiz will give you a chance to feel what it's like to become one. And will uncover what princess you are. And will uncover what princess you are. As some people say that there are kids still inside us all, I believe that there is a Disney princess somewhere there 1. Which 90s film used this theatrical film poster? Single White Female. The Silence of the Lambs. Scream. The Relic. 2. Earth is invaded by extraterrestrials in which 1996 film? Spaced Invaders Snow White. Snow White is the first Disney princess ever. She is the main protagonist of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White is the sweetest princess ever. She is kind, helpful, and hardworking. Her favorite activities are cooking, dancing, and singing. Snow White has a slender body and black hair Questions for Kids Disney Movie Quiz. What is the name of the snowman in Frozen? How many ugly sisters does Cinderella have? What colour hair does Snow White have? What is the name of the main fairy in Peter Pan? True or false: In Lady and the Tramp, the two dogs eat a bowl of spaghetti

All of the following characters come from Disney movies. I'll describe the movie, you choose the correct character. Average score for this quiz is 8 / 10. Difficulty: Easy. Played 6,957 times. As of Jul 05 21 Fancy a Disney movie? We have a round up of the best movies on Disney+ as well as best series on Disney+. Sign up to Disney+ for £59.99 a year or £5.99 a month When the streaming service launched back in November 2019, Disney Plus did fans a great favor when they announced future release dates for 77 of their recent films. Since then, titles such as Cool Runnings have released as scheduled, building trust and fulfilling subscribers' expectations. Yet for hundreds of Disney-owned films and shows, no such [ Answers. 1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 2. 1934. 3. Flowers and Trees. 4. The Lion King (2019) $1,631,724,000. 5. Anastasia and Drizella. 6. Sir Elton Joh

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Guess the disney movies! it's exactly like the title says Disney Films Picture Quiz - name the Disney movies from the film stills. If you order a picture quiz every week, subscribe here for as little as £1.92 per picture quiz. This is an Instant Download Quiz. MAKE YOUR OWN PICTURE QUIZ HERE - SEE PICTURES BEFORE YOU BUY AND CHANGE THOSE YOU DON'T LIKE. Learn Mor Personality TV The Owl House Owl House Disney Magic Witches in training are required to join a coven of their choice. Once you join a coven, all other forms of your magic will be sealed off. Failure to join a coven is a high criminal offense. Though there are many smaller covens, this quiz will place you in one of the main nine (Picture: Disney) Virtual pub quizzes have soared in popularity in recent weeks - and as lockdown across the UK continues we're all still looking for ways to spice up our virtual quiz nights. See how well you remember Disney Channel Original Movies like 'Brink!', 'Halloweentown,' and 'Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

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QUIZ! Can You Name 99 Movies From The 90s By A Single Picture? How well do you know your 90s films? From Romeo and Juliet to Forrest Gump, could you tell your favourite film just by looking at a. Today, Disney is the single biggest manufacturer of entertainment, with products that range from toys and merchandise to TV shows, movies, and video games. Still, many of us grew up watching and sometimes identifying with the heroes, or maybe the villains, of the classics

From crowdfunding to letter-writing campaigns, we take a look at how fan bases have become game-changers - and altered the course of movie history From Bomb To Boom: 20 Movies We Learned To Love Not every film's fate is sealed at the box office - we look at 20 films that flopped on release, but still managed to win over the hearts of movie. Luca. PG. 2h 0min. June 18, 2021. Action, Adventure, Animation. Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, Disney and Pixar's original feature film Luca is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca (voice of Jacob Tremblay) shares.

8 Disney Animated Movies That Have Shockingly Adult Content 15 Details That You Might've Missed In The New Frozen 2 Trailer How to Socialize with a non-drinking Partner without making the Relationship boring Christmas film quiz questions: round two. 1. New to Netflix Originals this year is a Christmas movie starring Emma Roberts called Holidate (about a girl who enlists help to avoid the awkward Why are you still single? questions from her family). The film was filmed on location in which U.S state, which also provided the setting for The. The choice of Christmas movies on Disney Plus can be a little intimidating now that the streaming service has been around for over a year and has grown into one More >> About This Quiz It doesn't matter how old you are - Disney songs are THE BEST From Wikipedia: Walt Disney Pictures is an American film production company and division of The Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company. The division is based at the Walt Disney Studios and is the main producer of live-action feature films within the The Walt Disney Studios unit. It took on its current name in 1983

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But it can be difficult to find a quiz that everybody can get involved in - regardless of age and interests. Whether you're age 7 or 70, one magical place we all grew up in is the wonderful world of Disney. From 20th century classics to more modern movies - here are 25 Disney quiz questions to enjoy any night of the week The first princess was actually Persephone, a character based on a goddess in Greek mythology. She debuted in 1934 in a short film called The Goddess of Spring. After Persephone's popularity, Disney used this film as a springboard to release Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a few years later. To date, there are more than a dozen official. March 29, 2018. Ladies, prepare yourselves. A contestant from Australia's Hard Quiz is stealing the hearts of many social media users with his Disney prince-like charms and heart-stopping. Welcome to the official site for Disney Frozen. Watch videos, play games, listen to music, browse photos, and buy the movie on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD Chimpanzee. G. April 20, 2012. Animals/Nature, Documentary, Family. Journey deep into the African rainforest and meet Oscar, an adorable young chimp with an entertaining approach to life, and a remarkable story of individual triumph and family bonds. The world is a playground for little Oscar and his fellow young chimps who love creating mayhem

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The Lion King is all set to hit the screens this July. The American music drama directed by Jon Favreau has fans eager to witness the family bond shared by Simba and his father in the latest photorealistic computer animated remake of Disney's traditionally animated 1994 film QUIZ: Can you match the quote to the Disney Halloween movie? Disney cranks out hit after hit, but there's a special place in many peoples' hearts for their holiday movies, specifically. Welcome to Walt Disney World. Come and enjoy the magic of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. Plan your family vacation and create memories for a lifetime Critics Consensus: Exploring themes of family duty and honor, Mulan breaks new ground as a Disney film, while still bringing vibrant animation and sprightly characters to the screen. Synopsis: Disney's cross-cultural retelling of a popular Chinese folk tale about a peasant girl who disguises herself as a man and..