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  1. Open the Instagram app. If you're using the Instagram mobile app, you can send a special kind of direct message to another user—one that disappears after viewing. Start by opening Instagram on your Android, iPhone, or iPad
  2. From the Instagram app on iPhone and Android, go to your Profile tab and tap the hamburger menu button in the top-right corner of the interface. Here, go to Settings > Update Messaging. Now, choose the Update button. How to Respond Directly to a Message in Instagram for iPhone and Androi
  3. How to Check Your Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) on the iPhone App Launch the Instagram app. Log in with your credentials. Select the profile you want to use
  4. GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM FAST WITH UPLEAP! https://bit.ly/3fZYhamIn today's video we show you How To Reply To A Specific DM on Instagram. It's super easy to do.

In this video, I will show you how you can DM other people on Instagram using nothing but your iPad which is pretty cool considering that Instagram is hardly.. Choose the Messenger icon in the top-right corner of the Instagram app's home screen to view all conversations. Here, choose a conversation that you want to change the theme. Now, choose the i icon from the top-right corner. Tap the Theme option

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Type the @ symbol, followed by the Instagram username of the person you'd like to tag; make sure not to leave a space between your @ symbol and the username or it won't tag Not until I noticed other amazing features of Instagram, like the DM for example, which lets you send private messages to people. How To DM On Instagram. Here are the steps; 1. Launch your Instagram app. 2. Search for the handle you want to DM. 3. Click on their profile. Here you can see different options like send email, direction, message. 4

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Follow this link to see more. 5. DmPro. DmPro is another very powerful tool you can use to automate your direct messages on Instagram. With it, you'll be able to DM current followers, send DMs to new followers, send messages to other people, and even receive your DMS directly in your email inbox Go to Instagram Settings. Tap the Update Messaging option at the top. Tap 'Update' on the page that says 'There's a new way to message on Instagram'. Once messaging has been updated, the DM icon at the top right of the Instagram app will be replaced with the Messenger icon Check your device or It is a new DM update from Instagram Instagram is releasing a new update to introduce the Vanish Mode in Direct Message, which allow you to see who is taking screenshots or recording your messages. If you cannot see the messages, or Instagram DM is not working it can be due to Instagram newest update

To directly can and recover deleted Instagram messages from iPhone, please click select Recover from iOS Device mode, then connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable, and this program will automatically recognize your iPhone. Click Start Scan to scan the detailed files your iPhone. Step 3 Choose the account or page you want to check for Instagram DMs Locate the 'Inbox' link, which is on the upper left corner Further, you will see the options - 'Messenger' and 'Instagram Direct' Click on 'Instagram Direct' and connect it to your Instagram accoun Step-5: Go through these and you can find all your Instagram DMs here. That's it. 3. Use Third-Party Tools to Recover Instagram DMs. There are many third-party tools that can help you to recover deleted Instagram messages easily. These tools use the cache files from your android or iPhone device in order to get back the deleted texts

Instagram notes it will never DM about account issues and says to not open or reply to phishing attempts like this. The platform will also never ask for personal account details like your password Here are all steps to open or close your message notifications on Instagram: Go to Setting at your Instagram profile. Tab on Notifications. Click to Direct Messages. Open or Close DM notifications. And you did it! If you wish, you can also edit different notification settings in this section Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family

Open Instagram and tap the message icon in the top-right corner. Choose the account you want to send a DM to. Type your message and then tap the + icon. Tap the sticker icon. The GIFs trending on GIPHY will appear on the screen. If you don't see something you like, search for your GIF in the search bar iPhone Instagram users can use this simple trick to be more efficient at replying to comments or direct messages to engage with their audience. This trick eliminates one of the biggest iPhone Steps Download Article. Open Instagram. This app icon looks like a camera icon over a rainbow background that you can find on your Home screen, in the app drawer, or by searching. Tap the paper airplane icon in the top right corner. This will redirect you to your Instagram Direct Inbox. Tap the conversation you want to view

Custom emoji reactions are a new Instagram DM feature in the latest app update. MENU. Tech. You Can Now React To IG DMs With Your Favorite Emojis. Tapback with pizzazz. Instagram Instagram has also recently transformed direct messages into a blended inbox. Previously, if someone who didn't follow you contacted you by DM, their message would end up in the Other folder. Now, if Instagram deems that the message might be important or relevant to your business, it will appear in your regular inbox Above-mentioned ways may help you recover Instagram messages, if what you lost are the Instagram photos, you can choose the last method. 3. Recover Data with Instagram Message Recovery Website Online. This is a simple way to recover Instagram Direct messages, using Instagram Message Recovery developed by a former employee

Top Fake Instagram DM Apps. Ready to start creating your own funny fake Instagram exchanges? Fortunately, by using a third-party app, this is incredibly easy to do. To help you get started, we created a list of a few of the best fake Instagram DM apps currently available. Funst I usually screenshot DM photos. Usually you are able to tap on it to get the 'Save' option out, but in the case where a privacy setting is changed, your best bet is to take screenshots for it. If the DM is a photo or video linked to a post, you wi.. ANYONE can read Instagram messages without the sender knowing - thanks to a genius trick. Normally someone who sends a DM can see when you've read it. You can switch that setting off, but th

1. Use Self Timers. When you are trying to get an Instagram photo of yourself on your iPhone, you need some time to set up the shot, put yourself in the frame and pose! This is the best method to getting a good photo that is not a front camera selfie. iPhone has two self timer options, 3 seconds and 10 seconds Your Instagram feed is jam-packed with interesting and lively photos, videos, and stories that largely offset the iOS app's comparatively bland user interface. If the interface's dull colors have always bothered you, you can splash on some much-needed color to better reflect your personality and tastes How to Hack Someone's Instagram on iPhone. Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad are generally more difficult to hack due to their closed operating system (iOS). But modern spy apps have ways around this. Programs like mSpy and FlexiSpy can be installed on Apple phones if they have a Jailbreak Open any chat on Instagram and type a message. Tap the magnifier on the left, next to the text entry field. You'll now see four new effects to choose from. Tap and choose the one you like and that's it. Doing this will send a message along with the special effect. Apart from this, you can also save messages to use as quick replies

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Reacting DMs with emoji reactions on Instagram is quite easy, as follows. Launch the Instagram app. Go to the DM section and open a chat. Touch and hold the message that you want to react to. Now, a set of emoji reactions will appear on the screen. Tap the emoji that you want to react with to the message Spying on Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform on which you can follow people as well as gain new followers. You can also post pictures and videos to your account. Most of the kids use Instagram as it is easy and simple. In order to spy on Instagram, you need to use Instagram Spy

Instagram app: Tap the Messenger icon in the upper-right corner. If you haven't updated Instagram, you'll see a paper airplane icon. Send or respond to messages with text, emojis, photos, or videos. From the message screen, see if a message was opened. Instagram on the desktop: Tap the Messenger icon in the upper-right corner. View and respond. The Instagram icon has gone through a few changes over the years.The most notable change was its current icon which not a lot of users liked. App icons aren't easy to change and on iPhone, it's almost impossible to change an app icon without jailbreaking your phone, unless the app itself has an option to do so

The changes to Instagram's DM platform have been reported by a number of media sites over the weekend. This stops short of enabling Facebook and Instagram users to message one another—but that. One of the most popular Instagram features is the Direct Message (DM) feature. With DMs, users can privately chat one-on-one with their friends or create group chats

iPhone is known for its adequate data security & safety measures and comes with multiple data recovery options. Similarly, you can restore all data officially through iTunes backup including Instagram messages if you have enabled the iTunes backup option Learn how to use Instagram, fix a problem, and get answers to your questions. Instagram Help Center. Help Center; What's New. COVID-19 Information Center. Do More with Reels. Add Your Pronouns to Your Profile. Hide Like and View Counts. Discover Black-Owned Shops on Instagram. Checkout on Instagram There are a few more Instagram DM video saver tools out there, but since Instagram has now made it possible to save Instagram DM videos directly in-app with the tap of a finger, there's no real need for third-party apps in order to be able to save Videos on Instagram Direct Message, which means few new apps will pop up, and the ones that. Set up an account with an Instagram spy app, such as mSpy. First, you'll need a subscription. There are a number of solutions that are perfect for you, so just do a little browsing first and compare each one before jumping in. The process might differ based on which Instagram DM spy you use. But if it's mSpy, the process is really simple Instagram DM: Add special effects to messages. You can now add special effects in Instagram DMs, whenever you reply to someone or you send someone a new message. Follow these steps. First up, make.

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Step 3. Record Instagram screen video. Play the Instagram post videos or Stories, or open DMs that you want to record, on your computer, and click the REC button in this software to start capturing Instagram screen immediately.. Once completing the Instagram screen video recording, just click the stop button and you can preview the screen video recording Step 1 Download and install UltData - iOS to your PC or Mac computer, and connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. On the interface you'll be able to select file types for scanning. Click Start Scan to search for lost files. Step 2 After scanning, you'll see all messages and SMS attachments. You can preview whether the lost Instagram. If you are an iPhone user, Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery is the best choice to help you recover deleted Instagram photos from iPhone, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro (Max), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus, iPad Pro, etc.

Start the Instagram app and tap the DM icon at the top right of the screen. Advertisement. Tap the DMs arrow. How to get dark mode on Instagram for an iPhone using iOS 13 {{} Make the fake instagram dm like you want from the options given below. Click on person 1 to upload and write text for person 1 and then select person 2 for 2nd person messages.The date button is used to change the conversation date.After completion click on Save it button to save your generated instagram chat image.After some time a pop will show up on the screen with the share and download. It allows you to check DMs on Instagram from your PC, send DMs, receive DMs, auto filter your DM inbox, and even simply manage your old direct messages. If you are willing to easily manage your DMs on Instagram, DM to email feature is all you need. DM to Email has three amazing benefits: It is an Instagram chat history (a Back-up from your. Locate the Instagram icon on your iPhone or Android's home screen and tap to open the app. 2. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, tap the Instagram Direct icon, which appears as a small paper plane. 3. Locate the conversation you wish to delete. On your iPhone, swipe left to reveal the Mute and Delete options

How to retrieve DM of Instagram on Android phone or iPhone? When you deleted Instagram message or clear search on Instagram, the article shares the 7 possible methods to get back the deleted messages. Just restore them back from the recipient, iTunes backup or iCloud back is always the simple solutions Method 1: Airplane Mode + Uninstall/Reinstall (iPhone) The next time you get an Instagram Direct message that you want to save, open the app to get the ball rolling, then head to the Instagram Direct page and let it load. Do not tap on View photo yet, as this will trigger the notification process on the sender's end.. Don't even get me started on the problem that is removing the sharing feature on the app. Yeah, on January 8th you won't be able to send posts straight to people's DM's. I personally believe this will be the final nail on Instagram's own coffin that they've been building for themselves over the years, that started long ago when they. How to Download and View Your Instagram Data from iPhone, Android, or Computer. When you request for the data, the company will email you a link to a file with your photos, comments, profile information and more. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for it Instagram has lately gained immense popularity amongst the youngsters. This online social networking application available for iPhone and Android users, allows to share their photos and videos. You can either take the photos within the application or use the pictures that exist in your phone gallery or camera roll

stefanamer / iStock. When you tap Search & Explore (magnifying glass icon) on the Instagram app's bottom row, you're taken to the Search & Explore page, where you can see content curated to your interests. This content is based on the types of photo and video posts you've liked or commented on. The people you follow also inspire what you see here Here's how to use a flag system for your Instagram DMs. To flag a conversation, open the DM conversation and tap on the flag icon. To find the conversations you've flagged, navigate to your Instagram inbox. Then tap the icon to the right of the search box and select Flagged from the pop-up menu. Flagged messages have an orange triangle in. Now, open up the Instagram app and click on the Paper Airplane icon, and head over to your Instagram DM conversations. You can see the AutoClicker tools on the left of your screen. There click on the Green + sign. This will create a swipe point. Make sure that you drag the swipe point from the first to the down conversation in your inbox Recover Deleted Instagram DM from your iPhone or Android For viewing and recovering deleted Instagram direct messages, it is better to use one data recovery program compared with using iTunes/iCloud. The reason is that restoring Instagram Direct messages from iTunes or iCloud backup needs many conditions, like you have backed up iPhone before. How to post a GIPHY GIF to Instagram on desktop: Go to GIPHY's website and find the GIF you want to share. Click on the GIF, which will take you to its details page. Click on the Instagram button on the right-hand side of the page under the Share It tab. Enter your email address in the pop-up. Press send

It can easily recover photos, videos, messages, contacts, call history, Instagram, etc. from iPhone.There are 3 different modes available to recover Instagram messages - iOS device, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup. The iPhone data recovery for Mac or Windows software will help you get back all your data from any situation such as accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack, restored to. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Instagram. Download Instagram and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎Bringing you closer to the people and things you love - Instagram from Facebook Connect with friends, share what you're up to or see what's new from others all over the world Here are 4 solutions to fix Instagram notification not working 2021, it is suggested to try them one by one. Method 1. Turn on Instagram Notification in Settings. The most likely reason why Instagram notifications not working on your iPhone is probably you turned Notifications for Instagram off. Go to Settings > Notification > Instagram How to Direct Message (DM) on Instagram by PC or Laptop. Hello, readers! Welcome back to those who know about CoreMafia. Here in this article, we will talk about a very popular social networking website as all we aware of that is Instagram. Instagram is the sixth most popular website on the internet That's it! Now your Instagram DM inbox is connected to your email inbox and whenever you receive a message on Instagram, you will get it by email, and also you will be notified. #6 Read Unsend Message on Instagram. By tapping or clicking on each email, you can access all the messages that have been sent to you after connecting DM to email

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Instagram DM not working. To clear Instagram's cache on an iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, head over to General > iPhone Storage > Instagram, and then tap on Delete App. After the app is deleted, you can reinstall the Instagram app from the App Store Uninstall Instagram. As a last resort, you can delete the app from your iPhone and reinstall. Step #1. Tap and hold an Instagram app on the home screen of your iPhone → All the apps begin to wiggle and a delete icon (x) appears on the top left corner of the app.. Step #2. Tap on Delete and you will be asked to confirm your action. Tap on Delete again Now to mass archive Instagram posts using Auto Clicker: Go to Google Play and download the Click Assistant - Auto Clicker app. Open the app. You don't need to change any of the settings. Just hit the START SERVICE button at the bottom. Auto clicker tools will appear on the side of your screen Instagram DM: If you use Instagram with IM+, the app will show you the DM icon — just as on mobile. You can use it to check Instagram messages from Mac as well as create and send the new ones. You can use it to check Instagram messages from Mac as well as create and send the new ones To send a message using Instagram Direct: Instagram app for Android and iPhone and Instagram Lite app for Android. Tap or in the top right or swipe left from anywhere in Feed. Tap in the top right. Select people you'd like to send a message to, then tap Chat. Type a message

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  1. 1. Start the Instagram app on your mobile device and then swipe to the left from the Home screen or tap the paper airplane icon in the top-right corner. 2. Tap the New Message icon at the top.
  2. There's a new way to message on Instagram with cross-app connection with Messenger. MESSENGER . Now there's more to DMs with Messenger . HOW IT WORKS . Connect in more ways. Send messages, photos, and videos to friends across Instagram or Facebook—complete with effects and captions. You can also send posts or connect on video chat
  3. DM in Instagram work the same way as in the other social networks. You may chat with any user you are following. However, there are some unique features which may be different from messengers you get used to. Here you are able to: 1. Create One Thread for More Than 15 People
  4. Or create a group for an Instagram DM. On Instagram Direct, you can send DMs to up to 32 people. From your desktop, you can also like, copy or report a DM by clicking on the three buttons next to the Instagram DM. 4. Send other users' content. As well as written messages, Instagram DMs can include photos, polls, GIFs, Instagram Stories and.

Launch Instagram and tap the messaging/DM icon in the top-right corner of the app. Next, open a chat whose theme you want to change. On Android, tap the profile name to open the chat settings menu. On iOS, tap the information icon in the top-left corner of the chat window. Image Gallery (2 Images) Expand Open Messages on Instagram. Make sure your app is updated to the most recent version. Select who you want to message. You can do this by tapping the camera icon next to the person or group you. Top 3 Instagram Spy Apps to Hack Private Account (iPhone & Android) Spying is the act of obtaining secret and confidential information about someone or something without them knowing. Though this whole act is usually frowned about by people all over the world, it is one of the favorite pastimes of most people actually

you could copy and past it or when you press messages at the top right corner there's an + and you can select who you want to send to and it can be more than one person and type the message you want to send and send it to all the people you wa.. As the wise Nicki Minaj once said, It go down in the DM. Sure, a double-tap on your crush's latest Instagram post or a like on their Facebook or Twitter updates might put you on that person's radar Choose an Instagram contact. Select Save. Open the PDF and choose Print to print out your Instagram Direct Messages. Download Decipher Insta Export. April 1, 2020. HELP! I need to PDF and print my Instagram DMs!** The Decipher Media Development Team is reaching out to see if you have the need to print and/or PDF your Instagram DMs IG:dm. This Instagram direct message on Mac client allows you to read and reply to messages from the users of Instagrams received to your Direct in a couple of seconds. The program has a simple interface, that only has a positive effect on the convenience of working with it. If messages contain media content or emoticons, they are also displayed

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How to add special effects to Instagram messages. Steps to add special effects to Instagram messages. Step 1: First, open the Instagram app on your device. Step 2: Next, open any chat on Instagram and type a message. Step 3: After typing, tap the magnifier on the left, next to the text entry field From the Instagram app for Android and iPhone. Tap or in the top right, then tap Update. You can also: Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings. Tap Update Messaging, then tap Update. Note that once you update, you won't be able to go back to using Direct

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How To Hack Someone's DM (Direct Message) on Instagram? Hacking someone's DMs on Instagram is quite possible with the help of Instagram spy applications. NEXSPY . If you're trying to hack into someone's Instagram account remotely without them finding out, NEXSPY is an excellent way. You will be able to spy on their messages in real-time 1. Open your Instagram app. 2. Tap your Profile icon in the bottom-right corner of the app screen. 3. Tap the three bars in the top-right corner of your profile. 4. Select the Settings option.

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To learn how to hack someones Instagram account on iPhone or Android, you can try the following approach. Step 1: Use Instagram password recovery. Simply go to the Instagram application on your phone and try to log-in to their account. On the log-in page, you can also see a feature for Trouble signing-in that you can select Here's how to do it: Open the Instagram app. On the top right corner of your homepage, you will see an arrow/airplane icon. Click on it. You will see a page called Direct. That is your DM page. You can choose to send a private message individually, or send the same message to a mass number of people

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Instagram DM (Direct Message) is the single biggest networking or business development opportunity of this decade. If you're late to the IG game, check out my blog, How Does Instagram Work?Everything You Need to Know, for a comprehensive guide.If you're a veteran user and looking to grow your platform, read 10 Ways to Get More Followers on Instagram So I have the latest version of IG downloaded that's supposed to have the new DM features. But the arrow that's supposed to be showing under a post isn't there. I've attached a screenshot showing I'm on the most updated version and screenshot from the app. Sent from my iPhone 6+ using Tapatal Step 2: Viewing erased Instagram Direct Messages. After scanning, all the iPhone data will get shown in the program interface. Tap on 'Instagram' and associated items for checking all your Instagram messages.Displayed marked red messages are the erased Direct Instagram messages on the iPhone device, while the black ones are still on hand iPhone message files Steps to Completely Clear Instagram Caches on iPhone. Step 1: Run the program and connect your iPhone.. Connect Your iPhone. Step 2: Select the 1-Click Free Up Space mode, then click on Quick Scan button.. Scan Your iPhone. Step 3: After scan finished, click on Clean to clear junk files and temporary files on your iPhone.And all App caches, including Instagram Caches, will be.


As per studies, Instagram has a huge harassment problem. With the advent of social media, bullies have made their way to all sorts of applications. Instagram is also one of them. As a parent, you have the right to track your child's DM to make sure he/she is away from online bullies Now, as soon as you open the Instagram DM section, you will see a prompt message that will let you know about the new Instagram Message update. Then, Open an Instagram DM. Click on the 'i' (info) button at the top right corner of your app screen. Scroll through the chat settings, there you will find the Instagram Chat Themes button How To Remove Facebook Messenger From Instagram. This update rolled out with version 165.0 on the App Store and the Play Store and to disable it, open the Instagram app, and tap the Profile icon on the bottom right corner. On the Profile page, tap the Hamburger button on the top right corner. Tap the Settings option to reveal the settings page. Here, you'd find a new option labeled. If Instagram users choose to enable the change, they can send a DM to someone on Facebook within Instagram, even if that person doesn't have an account on Instagram. The same is true the other way. Instagram++ is one of the most useful tweaks that add new features to the Instagram app, such as saving photos and videos, manually mark stories as seen, disable DM read receipts, and much more. The tweak is built right into the Instagram app which means that you can enjoy all its features directly from the Instagram app without having to.

Facebook is bringing the best of Messenger to Instagram DMs, which will allow users on both platforms to seamlessly connect with each other. In addition to cross-platform messaging, a total of 10. Use the DM Me sticker on your Story, with a prompt to send you a DM if your viewer wants the link to your landing page. Use a Poll or Questions Sticker on Instagram Stories! Interested viewers can respond to your question or poll, and you can follow up with a link in DMs! Examples of Using the Swipe Up Instagram Featur Question: Q: Turn on Instagram notifications on iPhone. my phone settings doesn't have Instagram as having push notifications so I can't get notifications from Instagram. [Re-Titled by Host] More Less. iPhone 6, iOS 9.1, Settings Posted on Oct 28, 2015 7:56 PM.

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This will uninstall Instagram on your iPhone or iPad. Once Instagram has been deleted, open the App Store and tap on the Search tab in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Type Instagram into the Search bar, then tap the reinstallation button to the right of Instagram. It'll look like a cloud with an arrow pointing down out of it To hack Instagram account with TheTruthSpy, you must provide access to the unknown sources in the target device. This can be done in the settings of the device. Once done, you can download and install the app from the TheTruthSpy website. The website has all the information about the installation process of the app Getting verified on Instagram is actually quite a simple process: Go to your profile and tap the hamburger icon in the top right corner. Tap Settings. Tap Account. Tap Request Verification. Fill in the application form . Your legal name. Your known as or working name (if applicable) Select your category or industry (for example: blogger. How to Fix Instagram Down or Not Working on iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max) by Jenefey Aaron Updated on 2020-05-30 / Update for iPhone Fix Instagram issues can be caused due to several reasons, including software update, low storage, server issues and other bugs

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The only solution is to make a another account which probably sounds fucked up, the other way is you have to wait to for another Instagram update and there's a 50 50 percent chance of it working and yea ( btw the problem Is whenever I click the dm all I see is a blank white screen with a loading Welcome back to Instagram. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world 2. Instagram Screen Recording on iPhone. As one of the most popular mobile phones, iPhone has released a new screen recording build-in feature from iOS 11 and later versions. It is a convenient and safe tool to help you record iPhone screen, including Instagram screen recording, record Instagram post, etc Instagram (commonly abbreviated to IG, Insta or the gram) is an American photo and video sharing social networking service created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.In April 2012, Facebook acquired the service for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock. The app allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging

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Tap the paper plane icon at the top right of the Instagram app interface. In the list of your direct messages, find and open the conversation that contains the message you want to delete. Tap and hold the message you want to delete, you will see three options in the middle of the screen. These options are will be copy, save and. Retrieve Instagram DM with Software . If you want to recover your deleted Instagram messages, one of the easiest ways of doing this is by making use of third-party software that monitors the activity taking place on the Android or iOS device. This can be equated to spying on someone else How to Hide Activity Status on Instagram. Hiding your activity status is actually a pretty simple and straightforward procedure on Instagram, regardless of whether you're accessing it from an iPhone or iPad. Just follow the steps below to get started. Open Instagram from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad Instagram Stories has become more popular than Snapchat in no time and it was Snapchat where the feature was originally taken from.The concept got so popular that even Twitter followed suit with its Fleets.The main reason behind the rapid growth of Instagram is that they frequently add the latest and engaging features.I mean it's one social media app that gets a lot of updates compared to.